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How Can I Refresh Tired & Heavy Eyes?

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul – and for good reason. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes; so what are your eyes saying about you? Despite how we might be feeling inside, heavy and droopy eyelids can make us appear tired and fed up. Heavy eye bags and deep lines around the eyes can age the entire face

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Say Goodbye To Facial Moles

With facial moles commonly being a trait of TV and cartoon villains, it isn’t surprising that they are a source of insecurity for many. As these lesions are often unfairly ridiculed, you may be looking to say goodbye to your facial moles. At Skin Excellence Clinics, we believe that everyone should be comfortable with their skin and not suffer from insecurities. Facial moles and warts are almost impossible to cover

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Halt Signs Of Ageing With Our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Fine lines and wrinkles are one of the most common skin concerns that our clients come to us for. These lines at occur as we age and can often make us look old before our years. They can also make us look weathered and grumpy, harshening our facial expressions. At Skin Excellence Clinics, we have a way to restore your youthful appearance. We have many two main treatment options, which

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Don’t Let Moles Hold You Back This Summer

As the weather gets warmer, it’s almost impossible to stay completely covered. But for people who suffer from unsightly moles, the warm weather comes with a feeling of dread. You shouldn’t have to suffer with you mole insecurities. At Skin Excellence Clinics, we believe that everyone should be comfortable enough to show as much, or as little, skin as they like. When moles are in a visible place, like the

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Exploring the effectiveness of a new generation of collagen-stimulating fillers

Volume loss is one of the first signs of facial ageing and dermal fillers have become an increasingly popular cosmetic intervention for this indication. Collagen-stimulating fillers are a safe and effective treatment for restoring shape and redefining contours. Ian Strawford explains the mechanism of action of the Ellansé dermal filler range and shares three patient case studies. In recent years, the recognition of the importance that facial volume loss plays

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