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Clear, soft and smooth skin is something we all want to possess and any raised bumps, moles, marks, lesions or lumps can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially if they appear on the face.

The NHS usually considers the appearance of most skin lesions, a cosmetic issue and most people that seek treatment for any benign lump or bump would normally be turned away, faced with the argument that if not cancerous, they’re simply not worthy of free treatment.

However, any imperfections, especially when they appear on the face, can cause emotional challenges such as self-consciousness, shyness and in some extreme cases, depression and can really affect someone’s day-to-day life. It may seem altogether unfair that the NHS doesn’t recognise the deeper issues when it comes to moles and skin lesions.

At Skin Excellence, we understand that skin imperfections aren’t just skin deep and the removal of them can drastically improve someone’s confidence and wellbeing. Dr Ian Strawford offers a scar-free, cost effective mole removal. A quick treatment to permanently remove unwanted moles, bumps and lesions from the skin, using Radiosurgery technology.

Radiosurgery works by passing a small, hand-held device with a wire loop and ball over the lesion, following an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the treatment area. The mole or imperfection is immediately removed. It’s quick, simple and painless. The only discomfort you may feel is that of the injection of anaesthetic, but this very quickly subsides.

After the treatment, you will notice a small ‘burn’ like mark on the treated area, which usually forms a dry scab. This will fall off naturally within 7 to 10 days and it is important not to pick or scratch the scab, so that the skin underneath is not damaged. After 6 to 8 weeks, the skin will have fully healed with little or no trace of the lesion that was there.

If you’re concerned about your moles and whether they may be malignant, Dr Strawford, a fully-qualified GP with over 25 years in skin diagnosis, will use high powered magnification technology called ‘dermoscopy’ to thoroughly check that each lesion for signs of skin cancer. If there is any suspicion that this may be present, you will be referred to a dermatologist for treatment. Any lesions which are abnormally pigmented will undergo a biopsy for histological diagnosis, prior to any treatment being given.

Most moles and skin lesions are successfully removed in one treatment of Radiosurgery, but in the rare occasion that a mole has deeper roots and does in time, grow back, Dr Strawford will offer a follow-up treatment at no additional cost.

Radiosurgery is paving the way for the removal of unwanted skin lesions over other therapies. Surgical excision will usually result in unsightly scarring with a longer healing period. Laser treatment will only be effective on smaller, flatter and pigmented lesions. In most cases, multiple sessions are required, which then opens the risk of burning and scarring the skin. For lesions, other than viral warts and verrucae, chemical or ‘freezing’ treatments are not usually effective and again, could cause scarring.

The cost of radiosurgery mole removal starts at £250 for the removal of a single mole or lesion. Additional lesions at the same session start from £100 per lesion but further reductions can be made for the removal of multiple lesions. For a lesion which requires a histology examination, an additional fee of £50 per lesion is added. For very small and multiple skin tags, a discount can also be offered. For example, for 5 small skin tags, the price is £250, for 6 to 10, £400 and for more than 10 skin tags, prices can be negotiated.

Radiosurgery is a cost effective and swift treatment which will leave you with soft, smooth and pretty-looking skin, restoring your confidence and helping you to live your life feeling good and looking great.

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