Clinics in Plymouth & Wells

November Lockdown – Clinic Operations

If you have visited Skin Excellence Clinics during the last few months, you will have seen first hand the Covid-secure procedures that we have put in place after the first lockdown and I can assure you that these will remain.

  • We have spread our appointments out so that only one patient is in the Clinic at a time.

  • We measure and record your temperature.

  • We pre-check before you come to the clinic that you are well and showing no signs of Covid symptoms.

We are continuing to offer a very safe service. It’s exactly the same in my NHS GP practice, we provide medical services in a very Covid-safe way.

However, we also respect that you may not want to come to the Clinic and leave your homes in these present times, but it is a Covid-secure facility that you are coming to. You are not breaking any laws by leaving your home during lockdown to come to a medical clinic for a medical service.

We look forward to seeing everybody over the coming weeks. I know it’s getting very busy leading up to Christmas – so if you are wanting to get an appointment then please contact us as soon as you can.