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Testimonial – Botox and Fillers
Testimonial – Botox, Fillers and Thread Lift

Testimonial – Fractora, Ellanse and Botox
Testimonial – Ellanse

Testimonial – Thread Lift and Ellanse

Testimonial – Silhouette Soft

Testimonial – Vampire Facelift

Testimonial – Vampire Facelift

Testimonial – Vampire Breast Lift
Testimonial – PRP Hair Restoration

Testimonial – P Shot
Testimonial – Plexr Plasma Therapy

Testimonial – Profhilo
Testimonial – Fractora

Testimonial – Radio Surgery
Testimonial – Radio Surgery

Testimonial – Body Tite
Testimonial – Face Tite

“I would never change clinics now! Dr Strawford is the difference between good treatment and great treatment! I have used services of other practitioners and never have I had such an improvement in my look since meeting Dr Strawford. He has the ability to look at a woman’s features and identify exactly how you might improve your look and enhance your facial features. Interestingly I was looking through old photos with a friend recently and the improvement was incredible. I have never received a treatment by Dr Strawford that I have been disappointed with. Whereas I have with others, unfortunately. Aftercare excellent! Education around treatments excellent. But most importantly he’s going to get it right .. ”

“Staff are very friendly and Dr Strawford explained all my options and carried out the procedure expertly”

“Prior to having any procedures, I felt tired and also felt as though I was ageing faster than I wanted to. I believed I always looked good for my age, 55, but also felt as though I needed a little ‘help’. I had 2 procedures, Ellanse and a Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, and I can honestly say its the best thing I have done.

The confidence it has given me is priceless. The staff were lovely and very helpful with a very caring nature and I felt in good hands. Dr Ian Strawford who performed the procedure was exceptional and I felt at ease in his presence. I would absolutely recommend Dr Strawford to anyone and can’t wait to book my next appointment, whatever that may be!”

Never having had any moles removed before, I was a little concerned as to what to expect. I needn’t have worried as I was given full reassurance of what was entailed. Dr Strawford advised me fully of what to expect followed up with many pre and post pictures of the procedure involved. The actual treatment was expertly done in a friendly and reassuring manner. I would highly recommend this experience to those that wish to have unsightly moles removed from their face. I will be back to explore other treatments in the near future. 
Sue, Plymouth

As a regular client the standard never falters, treated to a high standard every visit. Made to feel relaxed and comfortable.
Rebecca, Plymouth

Refresh is a fantastic clinic so professional and friendly… very pleased with my treatment and results would recommend to friends and family 
Thea, Plymouth

It was really great how friendly everyone was and how quickly the procedure was done, thank you very much guys 
Roy, Plymouth

I’ve already recommended you to several friends – you are too good to be kept a secret! 
Susan, Plymouth

Fantastic staff, in lovely environment. Dr Strawford is very gentle when administering treatment and talks you through. Would highly recommend.
Becky, Plymouth

Feeling very confident about my upcoming treatment as Dr Stratford is very understanding and caring
Karen, Plymouth

The staff were very friendly and welcoming. Dr Strawford explained the procedure from start to finish. Would not hesitate to return or recommend Dr Strawford to others 
Janet, Devon

Very friendly helpful staff. Dr strawford was brilliant. Very fast painless treatment 
Richard , Plymouth

Very pleased with all my treatments. Staff are all welcoming and friendly. Dr Strawford is very approachable.
Julie, Cornwall

Dr Strawford is excellent – a wonderful result and I would recommend to anyone – thank you so much 
Jane, Plymouth

“I feel so lucky to have found Refresh Southwest.  It was purely by accident and I have since discovered that they are pretty much the only people doing what they do in the area.

Until now, I have been making expensive and time consuming trips to London to a Clinic with an excellent reputation (and with exorbitant prices to match) for any treatments I needed.  Now I have found somewhere SO much closer to home which has not just replaced this London outfit, but in my view dramatically surpassed what that London clinic offered in terms of service, treatments, professionalism and knowledge, at far better prices.

I visited Refresh Southwest with my mind made up to have a particular treatment, but was advised on consultation to have another, less expensive one which would be more suitable for me. The results have been absolutely mind blowing in my opinion. Not only did I spend half
the money I thought I would have to, but the results have gone beyond my wildest expectations.  I have basically found a service now that I will use for the rest of my life, spend a fraction of the money and time I would have had to visiting a top clinic in London, and look 100 times better.

The staff at Refresh Southwest are charming and make you feel very comfortable, the professional clinician, Dr Ian Strawford, has such an impressive stock of experience, knowledge, understanding of the treatments and individual needs of the client – it seems to be a really winning combination of a wealth of experience, a very good mind, and a good ear for the clients’ needs.  He REALLY knows that he’s doing and knows how to get good results.  I don’t usually rave about services like this, and never, ever write reviews anywhere on line.  It’s just that Refresh Southwest have genuinely surprised, impressed and delivered genuine results.  Natalie at Refresh Southwest said I would cry when I saw the results of my treatment.  I cynically thought it was a charming thing to say whilst still comfortable in the knowledge that I’m not the sentimental crying type.  I cried!

Part of me wants to keep Refresh Southwest my own brilliant little secret, but they’ve done such a great thing for me that raving about them to others is the least I can do to thank them.”

Excellent staff. Very friendly and professional. I would absolutely see them again for future needs.

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