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Many of us spend time, effort and money on keeping our skin health on top form and we mostly tend to concentrate this effort on the face. After all, the face is the first thing someone sees when they meet us, instantly assessing our health, wellbeing, age and emotions. But have you ever thought that our hands can give away these tell-tale signs? It has been said that the hands are our second face when it comes to ageing, so we shouldn’t just focus on the face when it comes to skin care, in-clinic treatments and skin maintenance.

The hands can suffer the same skin issues as our faces. As we age, we can lose fat, tissue and laxity, everywhere on the face and body. The hands can start to look bony, veiny and the skin can decrease in moisture and elasticity. So, it’s not just our faces that can give the game away when introducing ourselves. After all, we do so much with our hands and they are usually always on display.

Youthful hands
Hand creams and lotions can improve the condition of the skin, but only to a point. To effectively smooth the skin, plump out hollow areas between the bones of the hands and to bring moisture back to the skin from the inside, you may want to investigate treatment with Ellansé™, the alternative to dermal fillers with long lasting results.

This treatment acts to not only increase volume in the skin, which fades the appearance of unsightly veins and tendons in the hands, but stimulates the production of collagen, helping the skin, over time, to appear fuller, firmer and with improved elasticity.

Unlike conventional dermal fillers, Ellansé™ offers more gradual effects and a more natural appearance and as Ellansé™ encourages your skin to produce more collagen, the results are much more, long lasting; a relief for those with active and hard-working hands. Dr Strawford is a leading expert in the use of Ellansé™ as he was one of the first professionals to begin using this product in the UK. Therefore, his expertise and experience will mean you will obtain the best results possible.

Youthful hands with Ellansé™
The treatment lasts up to 45 minutes, with no significant downtime, which means you can return to your daily activities immediately afterwards. You may experience a little bruising or swelling but this will quickly subside. There is very little discomfort with this treatment, as a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied prior to the procedure so that you are comfortable throughout. The anti-ageing results of Ellansé™ can last up to four years!

So, why not pay your hands the same respect and attention as you would your face? Give your skin the gift of youthful elasticity and a healthy glow only achieved with advanced cosmetic treatments.

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