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Have you got a loose roll of abdominal fat hanging over the waistline of your tight jeans?

Have you been unable to lose that post-pregnancy tummy despite going back to the gym?

Do you have stubborn areas of fat on your body, such as the flanks and hips, that never seem to go with diet and exercise?

Do you have areas of loose sagging skin, which you hate to see in the mirror?

Are you looking to regain your ‘bikini body’ to help you feel positive about yourself again?

Are you looking for a solution that is minimally invasive, safe, effective and which has a quicker recovery period than traditional liposuction or surgery?

Prices from: £3277

BodyTite Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction may be the answer you are looking for

We believe that BodyTite is the best system in the world to both permanently remove fat and simultaneously tighten and lift sagging skin.

This innovative treatment utilises the power of radio frequency to heat and melt the fat, allowing it to be removed easily and with minimal trauma, unlike the traditional method of manual aspiration liposuction, making the procedure quick, relatively painless and with a quick recovery time in comparison.

The skin tightening associated with the BodyTite procedure, which has been shown through clinical research to between 40-60%, is what makes this treatment more effective than traditional liposuction, or the newer, but less invasive methods of fat removal utilising fat freezing (Cryolipolysis), such as teh popular CoolSculpting™. Both of these treatments are not associated with any skin tightening nor lifting and can often lead to lumpiness of the treated area, unlike BodyTite™ which can sculpt, re-contour, lift and tighten, leaving a smooth enhanced result in most patients.

BodyTite™ liposuction is ideal to shape your body by removing unwanted fat and tighten your skin simultaneously. It’s ideal for targeting problem areas such as the abdomen, flanks or ‘love handles’, inner and outer thighs and ‘saddle bags’ as well as other areas often only treated surgically, such as the upper arms and neck. In fact, BodyTite™ liposuction being such a gentle and safe procedure can be used pretty much anywhere on the body where this unwanted fat beneath the skin.

Both men and women can benefit from the treatment, which is relatively pain free and undertaken only with the need for local anaesthetic, reducing the risks associated with a general anaesthetic needed for a traditional liposuction procedure.

The results from BodyTite™ liposuction are seen immediately, but continue to improve over the next 3-6 months, unlike fat freezing such as CoolSculpting™, where the results are not seen for at least 3/12 following treatment.

Dr Strawford received extensive training with BodyTite™ and other methods of liposuction in 2012 and has performed many procedures on both men and women since.

BodyTite is effective for treating:

  • Lower abdominal fat roll
  • Flanks or ‘love handles’
  • Outer thighs or ‘saddle bags’
  • Post pregnancy skin laxity
  • Arms, ‘Bingo-wings’
  • Knees
  • Necks with excess fat and laxity
  • Male breasts or ‘man boobs’
The BodyTite™ procedure uses Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction technology (RFAL). This technology utilises the innovative and FDA Approved device to literally heat and melt fat safely, which is then removed through continual aspiration via the cannula. The device is very safe as the cannula probe that delivers the radio frequency energy into the fat layer under the skin is continuously measuring both the internal and the external skin temperature during the treatment. Once the optimum temperature is achieved the device shuts off the energy reducing any risks of burns. The fat under the skin is held in small compartments of fibrous collagen tissue known as the fibro-septal network. The high temperatures achieved with the BodyTite™ procedure breaks down this fibrous network and destroys the fat cells, which are then easily removed through aspiration, literally sucking the fat out effortlessly. During the treatment there is an immediate contraction of the fibro-septal network followed by a gradual remodeling of the collagen over the following months resulting in a permanent contraction with tightening of the skin above that is connected to it. This is the unique feature that results in significant skin tightening associated with BodyTite™ RFAL over the other methods of fat removal such as traditional liposuction and fat freezing (CoolSculpting) where skin tightening doesn’t occur.

What does the treatment involve?

Would I be suitable for a BodyTite™ procedure?

BodyTite™ is a very effective fat removal and body contouring procedure suitable for most people. The ideal patient for this procedure should have a healthy weight, but have stubborn areas of fat and/or skin that would benefit from tightening, which hasn’t responded to diet and exercise. It is not a treatment for those who are significantly overweight looking to loose a large amount of fat from multiple areas of the body where diet and other methods are required.

What is the first step if I am considering a BodyTite™ procedure?

We recommend booking an initial consultation for anyone considering the procedure to set realistic expectations. Everyone has different needs and expectations and Dr Strawford will examine and assess how a BodyTite™ procedure could help in your situation. He will also suggest alternative treatments and solutions as appropriate so that you are able to make a fully informed decision as to whether BodyTite™ is the best solution to help meet your own personal expectations and goals.

What happens on the day of the procedure?

Dr Strawford will examine and mark out the area to be treated and take pictures for your medical records.

The procedure is undertaken in our sterile operating theatre and you are prepped by cleaning and sterilizing the skin of the area to be treated.

Local anaesthetic fluid is injected in to the fat to make the area numb and allow safe heating of the fat.

Small incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to allow insertion of the BodyTite™ cannula device in to the area of fat to be treated.

The BodyTite™ cannula simultaneously delivers the radiofrequency energy to heat and melt the fat at the same time it is aspirated or sucked out of your body.

The procedure is finished once the desired amount of fat has been removed and the area heated to the appropriate level to induce skin tightening and contraction. Usually the whole procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours.

At the end of the procedure you will be helped to put on a compression garment to support the area that has been treated.

Following the procedure you will be observed in the clinic for 30-60 minutes to make sure you have made a full recovery before being allowed to go home.

We advise that you shouldn’t drive yourself home following the procedure.

Does BodyTite hurt?

BodyTite™ is classed as a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can safely be undertaken with only the need for local anaesthetic.

Most patients report only minimal discomfort and tolerate the procedure very well. We can also offer those patients who are very anxious or concerned about the discomfort of the procedure, Entonox, known as ‘gas and air’, which is often used to help women when giving birth.

What should I expect following BodyTite?

Afterwards you will need to wear the compression garment for 23 hours per day for the first three weeks and then for a minimum of 12 hours per day for the next three weeks.

The compression garment is needed to prevent the build up of body fluid in the fat compartment that has been treated and to maximize the contraction of the fat compartment and aid the skin tightening.

In the first 24 hours following the procedure there will be some leakage of the anaesthetic fluid from the small incisions and you will be provided with appropriate dressings to cover the area.

You will be required to take a course of antibiotics for seven days to prevent the risk of infection in the treated area.

There is minimal discomfort following the procedure and you will be provided with analgesia to take if required.

We advise resting for 2-3 days to aid recovery before returning to normal activities and work.

Exercise and sport can be resumed after 7 days and is encouraged to aid recovery and improve the outcome from treatment.

What are the side effects or risks associated with BodyTite?

Bruising is common in the treated area.

Swelling can occur which can last up to one month but is reduced by wearing the compression garment as advised.

Lumpiness and uneven skin in the treated area is common and usually resolves within the first month.

Abnormal scaring and pigmentation. The incisions needed are very small 5mm and usually heal with minimum scarring in most cases.

Diminished or altered sensation in the treatment area is common due to the heating effect of the nerves in the skin but usually completely resolves within the first few months.

Serious complications such as infection, haematoma, seroma, and burns to the skin are very rare and much less common than with traditional liposuction procedures.

What results can I typically expect to see?

The results seen with BodyTite™ should be permanent. However as with all body contouring and fat reduction procedures, this will only be the case if you continue to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, incorporating regular exercise following your treatment. BodyTite™ and other fat removal treatments do not prevent future weight gain and the build up of new fat cells unless this advice is followed.

You will see an immediate improvement with a loss of volume in the treated area from the removal of the fat at the end of the procedure. However, although there is some initial contraction of the skin during the procedure, the remodelling of the fibrous tissue in the fat compartment and the resulting tightening and smoothing of the skin can take several months before the benefits of the treatment can be seen. This process continues for up to one year following treatment but most patients see a significant benefit after 3-6 months.

In a small number of patients, with excessive laxity, a second BodyTite™ procedure may be needed to obtain the desired results and this can be considered after 6-9 months.

Before and after dermal fillers Before and after treatment Before and after treatment Before and after treatment

BodyTite Treatment Video

BodyTite Testimonial Video


BodyTite uses Radio-frequency (RFAL – Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction) to gently warm up and melt unwanted fat cells. The liquidised fat cells are then easily extracted from you. The Radio Frequency used also tightens the skin that surrounds the (now liquidised) fatty tissues by up to 40%, so achieving instant results to your body contours, which are not obtainable by more invasive surgical procedures.

The entire procedure is undertaken by qualified cosmetic clinicians.
The risk of raised asymmetrical surfaces and post operative complications as often experienced by more invasive procedures is eradicated, and post operative tissue bruising and swelling is greatly reduced.


Prices from:
Consultation Fee payable in advance £100, refunded against payment. On booking actual procedure, £500 payable in advance, non-refundable
1 area
2 areas
1 area
2 areas
Per treatment
Fractora when combined with having body contouring
an additional £500
Morpheus8 when combined with having body contouring
an additional £750

Treatment Summary

No. of treatments


Recovery Time

2 - 3 days

Procedure time

2 - 3 hours

Back to normal

Usually after one week back to full activities. Compression garment worn for six weeks

Discomfort level


Duration of Results

Indefinite as long as weigh remains stable and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Tumescent Local Anaesthesia

DISCLAIMER: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information we provide is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide variety of patients, both men and women of different ages and is based on an average treatment experience. For more accurate information about how the treatment experience would be for you, we suggest you make a CONSULTATION with Dr Strawford at one of our clinics.

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