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The Vampire Facelift®

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma skin rejuvenation (The Vampire Facelift)

  • Are you worried that you’re starting to lose your hair?
  • Is your thinning hair making you feel self-conscious?
  • Has stress, hormones or alopecia caused your hair to thin?
  • Do you find yourself arranging your hair in a way to cover small bald patches or a wide hair line?

Stimulate Natural Hair Growth with Vampire Hair Restoration Treatment.

Prices from: £750

The Vampire Hair Restoration is effective for:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Hair thinning
  • Stress related hair loss
  • Hair loss in women

Vampire Hair Restoration treatment works in the same way as the Vampire Facial or P Shot and O Shot by using the growth hormones present in your blood to stimulate the hair follicles to grow thicker and more abundant hair.

Dr Strawford will take a sample of your blood, just like a blood test, and this is put through a centrifuge to separate out the platelets which contain the growth hormone.  He then carefully injects the platelets into your scalp in the areas where you are experiencing hair loss.

Within three months, you should notice you are shedding less hair, hair is becoming thicker and hair is starting to grow from previously dormant follicles.  Over time and after repeated treatments, you should notice your hair growing back in places where it had been absent before and the all round appearance of your hair improving.

What happens during the treatment?

Once Dr Strawford has separated the platelets from your blood sample, he injects them back into your scalp in the areas experiencing hair loss.  He does this through multiple very small injections.  If you experience discomfort, he can apply a numbing cream to the area before proceeding.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment time will vary depending on how extensive your hair loss is but it typically takes less than an hour.

Is the treatment painful?

No, most patients do not require numbing cream but it is available if necessary.

How many treatments will I need?

Men generally require 2 to 3 treatments around 3 months apart to achieve optimum results whereas women typically only require 1.

How long does it take before I see results?

You should see results between 3 and 6 months after the treatment course.

How long does the treatment last?

For long lasting results, we recommend undergoing a maintenance treatment every 6 months.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects but the treated area may look a little bruised after the treatment but this should resolve quickly.  It is best to avoid using hair dye, blow dryers or rigorous styling for a day or so after the treatment.

How do I know if Vampire Hair Restoration is right for me?

Book a consultation with Dr Strawford at one of our Skin Excellence Clinics and he will talk through your situation and let you know if he believes Vampire Hair Restoration is the right treatment for your hair loss condition.

How much do Vampire Hair Restoration treatments cost?

Prices start from …

Treatment Summary

No. of treatments

Usually 1 for women and 2 to 3 for men

Recovery Time


Procedure time

Around 30-60 minutes

Back to normal

1-2 days

Discomfort level


Final Results

After 3 to 6 months


Topical (if needed)

Duration of results

6 months

DISCLAIMER: We are all unique. This means that treatment plans, the results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information we provide is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide variety of patients, both men and women of different ages and is based on an average treatment experience. For more accurate information about how the treatment experience would be for you, we suggest you make a CONSULTATION with Dr Strawford at one of our clinics.

Why choose Skin Excellence Clinics

What makes Skin Excellence Clinics so special and why should you choose to have your medical cosmetic treatment with us?

  • The guiding principle of Skin Excellence Clinics has always been to deliver exceptional patient care: this was the focus in 2005 when Dr Strawford started in the field of medical aesthetics and has remained the ethos we have followed for the past 11 years.
  • Dr Ian Strawford, founder of Skin Excellence Clinics will help you to find the right solution: but only if appropriate for your needs and expectations
  • You will receive a medical consultation, where you will be given plenty of time and space to consider all of your options, before deciding if treatment may be right for you.
  • We source the best products through official UK Pharmacies: we do not risk the safety of our patients, the quality of our service or the results of your treatments.
  • Whilst many people naturally assume that cosmetic treatments are all about beautification: we can help to reduce the psychological and emotional effects of scarring, acne, rosacea, excessive sweating, hair loss and skin lesions.

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