Ellanse: The Natural Collagen Stimulator

Due to reduced collagen and skin elasticity as the body and skin age, it’s more difficult for your skin to retain its youthful vigour. The only way to prevent and maintain this in the past was through surgical procedures, but now, an advanced and revolutionary technique is available – Ellanse.

Collagen is a powerful natural protein that we all have. However, over time collagen levels decrease and can start as early as your twenties. From the age of 25, 1 per cent of facial volume is lost every year. The good news is there’s a solution: Ellanse can help you take back control and re-stimulate collagen production.

In this blog, we introduce you to Ellanse and the ins and outs of this incredibly innovative and effective “non-surgical facelift” treatment.

What is Ellanse?

Ellanse is a natural collagen stimulator that’s very different from traditional dermal fillers as it provides immediate correction but also is a biostimulator that ensures the results last a long time with a fuller and more natural look. In fact, it’s the only dermal filler that can give you instant volume and results in the first session.

Skin cells divide slower and the inner layers thin as you get older, which means the fat cells inside the skin start to weaken, and the strength of your own natural collagen and elastin fibres unravel, causing loss of elasticity and volume. Ellanse can help retain and reverse this, so you can get rid of those lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing that are bothering you!

Why Choose Ellanse?

Ellanse is known for being the “secret to facial rejuvenation”, and it’s an incredibly innovative and unique treatment that shows effects immediately. Ellanse can continue to work for up to 3 months after the procedure, slowly stimulating and rebuilding that loss of collagen. It’s the perfect treatment for men and women who wish to reverse any signs of ageing, and is effective for:

  • Lines, wrinkles, and folds
  • Nose-to-mouth lines
  • Drooping corners of the mouth
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Recessed or hollowed temples
  • Tear trough (under-eye hollows)
  • Jowl laxity
  • Thinning skin
  • Ageing hands
  • Acne scarring

Male facial rejuvenation with Ellansé™. Improving under eye hollows and cheeks without giving a feminine look. Ellansé™ will last over two years continuing to stimulate natural volume in this patient.

If you’re wondering how it all works, Ellanse consists of a gel texture filled with microspheres that are evenly distributed when injected into the skin. Usually, only small amounts are injected, but the effects are huge! Over a few months, the treatment helps to boost your natural collagen production so you can look your best no matter how old you are.

What makes Ellanse different when compared to other traditional dermal fillers is they normally only address lines, wrinkles, and folds. Because of Ellanse’s unique properties, it not only helps correct these signs of ageing but also stimulates your own natural collagen to really treat underlying issues through a gradual and effective process that lasts much longer.

How Long Does Ellanse Last & What to Expect?

Results can last up to 4 whole years! However, it very much depends on the degree of volume loss in your skin and how much skin laxity you have. Normally, only one treatment is needed as Ellanse gradually stimulates your natural collagen over time so you can benefit from immediate results and fewer sessions. What’s more, the procedure is virtually painless because, at our clinics, we mix local anaesthetic (lidocaine 2%) with Ellanse alongside a topical anaesthetic cream.

After, you can expect mild swelling and discomfort for up to the first 24 hours, but it’s different for everyone. Most people can return to normal activities or work within a day of treatment, and you can even apply makeup straight after (if you want to!).

Why Choose Skin Excellence Clinics for Ellanse Treatments?

Ellanse is a unique dermal filler being the only biostimulator on the market. Dr Ian Strawford, our in-house, world-renowned doctor, was one of the first experts in the country to start using Ellanse. Dr Strawford is often asked to train other doctors in performing Ellanse and sits on the Medical Advisory Board for Ellanse in the UK. He is also a leading authoritative figure for combining two collagen-stimulating treatments, Ellanse and Silhouette Soft, to achieve optimal results comparable to a surgical facelift.

Dr Strawford mainly uses a blunt cannula for his treatments rather than needles (which are commonly used by inexperienced practitioners!) to reduce the risk of damaging nerves and blood vessels. Ellanse treatments are very safe and effective when you’re in the hands of a doctor with the right training and experience.

Full face rejuvenation on cheeks, tear trough under eye, jawline, and temples. Results will last over 2 years due to natural collagen stimulation.

Are you interested in finding out more about Ellanse? You can enquire or book a consultation today by calling us on 0800 298 2391. We have clinics in Plymouth and Wells that provide the highest quality, safest, non-surgical treatments in the South and South West.