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Welcome to Skin Excellence Clinics: the leading clinic in the South-West providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty and improve your wellbeing.

Skin Excellence Clinics

Are you concerned about the effects of facial ageing and looking for the most natural results in facial rejuvenation? Are you looking for quality both in terms of the treatments and outcomes, as well as a relationship of trust with an experienced Doctor who can provide continuity of care?

Look no further.

Dr Ian Strawford, owner of Skin Excellence Clinics has been providing the highest quality, safest, non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the South and South West for over 11 years. Our extensive range of innovative and results driven non-surgical procedures can help to slow down the ageing process, which often results in improved self-confidence and self-esteem for our patients. We welcome you to watch and read our many happy reviews to help you decide if Skin Excellence Clinics may be right for you.

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Skin Excellence Clinics: Rejuvenating Skin, Restoring Self Esteem…

The Consultation Fee for a consultation with Dr Ian Strawford is £50.
When booking an appointment, it is usual to pay a £50 booking deposit. This is refundable if the Consultation is cancelled at least 72hrs before the scheduled time.
Once the consultation has occurred the £50 deposit is redeemable against treatment costs within 3 months following the consultation.This system of deposit is important to help avoid unnecessary or frivolous bookings that will result in wastage of precious clinic time. It is quite a standard procedure with a private Doctor Consultation.

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