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Restore your hair growth with our medically proven treatments for men and women

Up until recently, hair transplantation surgery has been the primary treatment for hair regrowth. But with medically proven alternatives now available, strengthening your hair follicles and benefiting from thicker and healthier hair has never been more accessible. At Skin Excellence Clinics, we’ve been leading revolutionary hair growth treatments for over 10 years, becoming the go-to specialists for anyone suffering from hair loss. If you want to experience a different type of hair growth treatment that requires no downtime, we’re here to help. With a DNA genetics test known as Trichotest, we will prescribe a bespoke treatment plan based on medicines and supplements that are right for you.

Discover our range of non-surgical hair growth treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

Often termed the Vampire restoration treatment, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy extracts the platelet cell fraction from your blood sample and releases its growth factors before it’s injected into the scalp. This treatment is a medically proven method of cell separation which creates high concentrations of PRP to encourage long-lasting hair growth.

Benefits of PRP therapy:

  • Stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker and healthier hair
  • Supports hair follicle growth before and after transplantation
  • Moderately painless treatment with no downtime required, utilising the latest injection gun device
Hair Loss Treatments
is efffective for:
  • Are you suffering from male pattern baldness?
  • Have you noticed a reduction in hair growth caused by ageing, pregnancy or menopausal changes?
  • Are you seeking hair transplantation and want additional treatments to support hair growth before and after transplantation?
  • Do you suffer from autoimmune or other hair loss conditions and want to improve the health of hair follicles and restore growth of healthy hair?


What types of hair loss can be treated by PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Polynucleotides and Exosomes are all medically proven treatments for male and female pattern hair loss, as well as hair loss caused by pregnancy or menopausal changes. It can help to maintain hair function and improve the quality of hair follicles.

Are hair loss treatments painful?

Hair loss treatments are not typically painful. With PRP and micro-needling treatment, the needles are injected at such a pace that pain receptors within the scalp are not activated. For any treatments that may cause discomfort, a local anaesthetic is usually applied as standard.

How many hair loss treatments are needed?

Response to treatment is slow and can take months before you experience significant hair growth. A course of treatment is usually advised – typically three or six sessions followed by a wait-and-see approach to monitor response to treatment which can take three to six months. Maintenance treatment is advised every six months or so.

What types of hair loss can be treated by exosomes and polynucleotide (PDRN) therapy?

Exosomes and polynucleotide (PDRN) therapy are effective treatments for more resistant types of hair loss, such as autoimmune hair loss where hair follicles have been lost permanently. Your doctor will advise on the best treatment for you during your consultation.

What hormonal treatments and nutritional support help to prevent hair loss?

Hormonal issues for men and women are often a key factor of hair loss. At Skin Excellence Clinics, we can check your testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone levels and, if necessary, supplement with nutritional or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We can also support with other topical treatments that block the affected testosterone of your hair follicles.  

Why choose us?

Dr Strawford and his medical team at Skin Excellence are known for providing industry-leading non-surgical cosmetic treatments across the south-west. For over a decade, we’ve built a reputable practice that achieves the best possible results for our patients. Our team of experienced doctors and practitioners are key opinion leaders and trainers for breakthrough treatments, all of which are offered at our clinics in Bristol and Plymouth.

All our treatments are delivered in a CQC-regulated medical clinic with high levels of hygiene as standard.

Polynucleotides (PDRN) therapy – Plinest Hair

Polynucleotides (PDRN) therapy is an effective treatment for targeting and stimulating fibroblast cells of hair follicles. Extracted from salmon sperm, the section of RNA known as PDRN is applied to the scalp to improve functioning of follicles and increase overall hair strength and density.

Benefits of Polynucleotides therapy:

  • Minimal pain treatment with no downtime required
  • Promotes wound healing and cellular regeneration
  • Maintains healthy hair by boosting elasticity and hydration

Calecim treatment

Calecim uses safe, powerful and regenerative growth factors to target conditions such as telogen effluvium, postpartum hair loss and traction alopecia. When infused into the scalp through microneedling, key proteins and growth factors target and strengthen struggling follicles to promote fuller looking hair.

Benefits of Calecim treatment:

  • Encourages regrowth of thinning hair for men and women
  • Boosts hair density and reinvigorates follicles at the root
  • Ethically and naturally derived with no toxic ingredients or known side effects

LED therapy – Phototherapy from Dermalux

LED therapy is a safe and painless treatment that bathes your scalp in wavelengths of light to regenerate hair regrowth. Suitable for alopecia, male pattern baldness and general thinning of hair, this treatment uses clinical-strength technology to regenerate follicles, reduce hair loss, and improve the overall condition of your hair.

Benefits of LED therapy:

  • Promotes healthy cell regrowth for both men and women
  • Safe, gentle and non-invasive treatment that requires no downtime
  • Improves strength and density of hair and reduces further hair loss

Genetic testing - Trichotest

Suitable for both men and women, generic testing uses a saliva sample to determine the most effective hair loss treatment for you. Based on results from a quick and painless test, our practitioners will create a science-backed treatment plan to help you reduce further hair loss and preserve healthy hair follicles.

Benefits of genetic testing:

  • Determines the most effective preventative treatment for your hair loss  
  • Helps to maintain and protect your existing hair follicles
  • Safe and non-invasive test with accurate results


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment based on superficial microinjections strategically placed into the mesoderm (middle layer of your skin). Through chemical and physical stimulation, the active ingredients target areas of hormone imbalance and lack of nutrients to stimulate hair follicles, prevent hair loss and encourage regrowth.

Benefits of Mesotherapy:

  • Stimulates collagen production, blood circulation and thicker hair regrowth
  • Targets symptoms that cause hair loss to help follicles grow and survive
  • Non-surgical treatment which is virtually painless and requires no downtime

Topical exosome treatment

Exosomes is a topically applied treatment which stimulates and produces new stem cells for healthier hair follicle restoration. Used in combination with dry micro-needling, the treatment contains thousands of different growth factors that lead to natural-looking and long-lasting results.

Benefits of topical exosome treatment:

  • Improves function of existing hair follicles
  • Produces new stem cells to improve hair growth
  • Painless treatment with no downtime required

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